England's 12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas
By David (Old No.2) 19/12/03
December 19 2003

England's 12 days of Christmas plus other ditty’s sent to us by David Old no 2 - for the delight of Unofficial England Fans. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you again David.

12 days of rugby

12 days of rugby. 

by Whistle Blower 


On the first day of rugby, Clive Woodward gave to me: The William Web
Ellis Trophy

On the second day of rugby, Clive Woodward gave to me: Two flying wings
and the William Web Ellis Trophy.

On the third day.....: Three in the front row...

On the fourth day....: Four rugby balls...

On the fifth day....: Five metre scrums...

On the sixth day....: Six nations grand slam

On the seventh day....: Seven backs a passing

On the eighth day....: Eight forwards scrumming

On the ninth day....: Nine scrum halfs moaning

On the tenth day....: Ten dropping goals...

On the eleventh day....: Eleven crunching tackles...

On the twelfth day of rugby, Clive Woodward gave to me: Twelve mauls a
rolling , eleven crunching tackles, ten dropping goals, nine scrum halfs
moaning, eight forwards scrumming, seven backs a passing, six nations
grand slam, five metre scrums! Four rugby balls, three in the front row,
two flying wings, and the William Web Ellis Trophy!


 Sung to the tune of Sgt Pepper 

by  ivana dumper truck 

It was twenty years ago today,

Little Jonny learned just how to play

He’s been going in and out of style

But he’s guaranteed to raise a smile

So may I introduce to you

The greatest team in all the world

Woodwards might England Rugby Team

We’re Woodwards’ mighty England rugby team

We hope you will enjoy the show

We’re Woodwards’ mighty England rugby team

Sit back and let the evening go.

Woodwards’ mighty England, Woodwards’ mighty England

Woodwards’ mightly England Rugby Team

Its wonderful to win it

To take the Aussie crown

Especially when we beat the welsh

They’re just such plucky losers now

They really lose so well

JW stopped the show

With a might fine kick you know

Then we saw a lot of Aussie tears

Cause it now our cup for 4 whole years

So let me introduce to you

The one and only Martin J

And Woodwards’ might England rugby team


  The Woodward Wrap 

by Peter Johnson 

I saw the headlines "Woodward:Campo got no respect" and thought it was
just crying out to be made into gangster rap. So here 'tis (tongue
firmly in cheek, by the way, prior to all the abuse I'll no doubt
receive), the Woodward Wrap:
Me name is Clive and I’m da man

Dat put English rugby back in da van

Dem say me arro-gant, but that not true

I’m da super-coach who could change cricket too

We went downunder for the Rugby World Cup

But the Aussie press just paid it up

Dem showed Jonny kickin’ and said “that all you got”

And the Aussie coach said we weren’t that hot

But we showed dem bitches all da same

With my wonderful super expansive game

Then back to Blighty to receive our dues

But da BBC, dem got no clues

They got dat bitch Campo, who got no respect

So me phone da press and get his reputation wrecked

Don’t mess wit me, ‘cos I’m da Clive

And I’m just the best coach alive

Yoh, respect.

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