World Cup review ahead of the final

By Roger
November 27 2017

Fo those of us who enjoy our Rugby League, the 2017 tournament has provided some memorable moments and a great deal of good rugby league football. Ahead of the eagerly anticipated final on Saturday - England v Australia, Some of the key points from my perspectove are highlighted in the following lines. The enthusiasm of the Pacific nations fans and the numbers they turned up in will live long in the memory. The semi final v England was a sea of Tongan flags as they nearly produced one of the great comebacks before losing out 18-20. We had a number of Haka battles and who can say who came out on top in this department but great fun to watch. 

The low scoring 4-2 quarter final match between Fiji and co-hosts New Zealand proved you don't need tries to keep the fans glued to the action. From a home nations point of view only England and Ireland can take much credit on the playing side of things. For Ireland not to qualify for for the knockout stages with two wions out oif three does beg some questions for the format. Wales once again were very disappointing and whilsty there are always plenty of excuses the bottom line is they are not cutting the mustard and another 3 losses from 3 matches speaks volumes. 

The clever money will be on an Australian victory on Saturday morning live on BBC and Premier Sports but I for one am not ruling out an England win. 

The Premier TV feed from Australia has been great fun - no dount how much KFC chips and curry costs! The BBC have done their best to not promote the tournament at all. It is very annoying that friendly RU international fixtures get more hype than the RL world cup. 

Let's hope England win and show everybody what a superb sport it is and that the northern hemisphere can play tyhe game too.

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