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Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: Tiggs (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 09:30

What do people think the future should be for this messgeboard ?

1 : Keep it as is - it still works well
2: Move to Social Media and scrap this messagboard
3: Move to another, better messageboard hoster
4: Close down and all move the the Offy
5: Look to improve this messageboard where possible
6: Other option - please state

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This is prompted by several of the Premiership clubs moving away from Sports Network, and the increased use of Facebook, Twitter, etc..

I am wary of the fact that any change is likely to lose some members who wont want to change, or post very rarely, but also aware of the fact that there is a new generation out there that probably have never heard of us, and numbers continue to slowly fall.

Any suggestions are more than welcome, but also there will no doubt be many opposing views, as always.

It will probably take a significant vote towards one type of change to warrant a change, but this is a starting point.

We don't want a Brexit situation !!

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Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: SK 88 (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 09:38

I've voted for trying to improve this message board where possible.

Personally I'm not fussed about the other boards, I use them as news aggregators really and occasionally post on them but have not missed Quins going.

The site's big downfall is mobile. On a desktop it's fine. The forced-reliance on posting news stories but then to not have the functionality to display them properly is annoying.

I would be perfectly happy to move over to either another message board or perhaps focus on improving somewhere like reddit ( ) where we could look to grow the users, there are a lot more people posting on the general rugby union board with a Tigers "flair" (meaning a self certified Tigers fan) than post on the Tigers sub or here.

I don't like facebook, I use twitter mainly for arguments, it's not a good forum for longer posts like transfer threads or squad discussions.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: IanC (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 09:51

I do quite like looking at 'other' teams message boards and regret the decision of some to move away. If we could all get together again that would be great, if impossible.

I am part of the various groups on Facebook, and a member on the Offy (although I can't remember the last time I visited). I really find this the only forum where it's possible to have reasoned debates. The offy is, well, the offy, and Facebook tends to become "You're not a real supporter, everything will be great if you just get behind the lads" really quickly.

Whatever's best really, but I would miss this community.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: Tiggs (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 10:12

Thanks for the early responses.
I should perhaps have added that there is very little that can be done to change this messageboard, as it is based on a fixed template, esp the mobile version.
However, if there are things that people want adding or removed, then I will see what can be done

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: 1989Tiger (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 10:25

The official message board is great. However, I got permanently banned from it because of one person. I didnít say anything offensive or rude to that one person or anyone else. I even made a few jokey comments which got deleted.

It seems that if the moderator on there has to speak to you a couple of times about comments, which really are not that bad, then you get banned permanently. Itís become part of the new generation snowflake unfortunately.

The one particular poster on there despises others having a different opinion to his and it seems that the moderator takes his side. Every. Single. Time.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: 23Shark (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 10:30

This might have come about as I messaged Tiggs this morning as the Sale forum has moved to View From The 22 which has been set up to replicate SportsNetwork but it's run on more modern software and is actually secure (has an SSL certificate)

I'm looking to implement a prediction league across the Premiership too with the prize being two tickets to the final of the Premiership.

So far the Newcastle, Sale and Coventry board have made the move with the Irish board and Bath forum looking into it. Would be good if we got a mass move across as we could keep the cross club forum feel but with a better user experience.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: Tiggs (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 10:44

This will lead to fracture though as Quins have already moved to a different board, and we will end up in different places anyway.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: Brownian Motion (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 10:46

I'd rather go with a majority. If all we lose is Quins...

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: IanC (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 10:53


Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: 23Shark (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 11:02

This will lead to fracture though as Quins have already moved to a different board, and we will end up in different places anyway.

That's why I'm seeing if there's an appetite from the other boards to mass move across to VFT22

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: Stopsy (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 11:47

Either move to better or improve this one. I too like looking at the other club's boards and tend not to do so as often if they aren't on the same platform.

If it could make the moderator's job easier, I'd vote for that.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: Rich W (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 13:17

I don't mind where we go but I would like this board and this community to remain intact. It would be a great shame if we were to be unable to do so.

It is fair to say, I think, that there are features of Sportsnetwork that do not work well and that it would be no great loss to move elsewhere.

I would however be opposed to joining the Offy. In fact I don't think I could. The petty infighting, bickering and intransigent refusal to debate anything make it an awful place.

It would be a shame to lose the cross club element of Sportsnetwork and I'd favour going with the majority even if that meant losing Quins, say, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker.


Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: Tiggs (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 14:20

You can try the functionality and features of View from the 22 here - [] if you want to compare.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: ChrisC (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 15:42


I make a visit and find this going on!

The "old timers" on here will recall that at the end of the 1990s we moved from the Offy to a new site set up by Denise on "rivals". I forget why(it's twenty years ago and yesterday can be a bit foggy these days let alone two decades!!)and of those that moved then I think that RichW,and Stopsy remain regular posters I having lapsed for various reasons, some personal, some geographical and I felt adrift from the concensus life views expressed by many posters and the board had taken on a more adversarial tone with some downright rudeness at times some of which was directed at me - I don't do rude!!.

I also thought that "trolls" both domestic and from elsewhere were dealt with in too light a manner if I'm honest.

I think that there should be a positive movement of O/T posts to the appropriate place which is not on here, which to my mind should only be for rugby related issues (I know I wandered O/T in my previews but it usually was relevant/allegorical/metaphorical to what I was saying - sort of!)

All in all when I did return I didn't altogether like what I found.

So from my point of view this board could be improved.

Back to a bit of history then (stop yawning at the back) I recall that most, if not all, the Premiership Clubs were on Rivals but then Denise felt that we'd like Sportnetwork better so we moved over here as did all the other clubs.

Anyway following the departure of Denise, when she decided to start a family with her new husband, IanB (Birks) took over running the site and then I think Steve took it on from him so my point is (Thank God) that a move to another platform isn't without precedent.

I think the need to post an article, even in the closed season, is an onerous requirement of the platform and even during the season it seems a struggle for Steve to get anybody to write.

I hold my hand up here as I stopped writing regularly a few years back however if, as planned, we're in the UK this season I promise to try harder.

If the majority wish to move then it's fine with me - I'll come along - although my current posting volume is hardly pivotal!

The Offy is a definite NO for me. I just went to have a look and can't see it being anymore attractive now than it was all that time ago when I and others left to join Denise on Rivals.

I don't Tweet and don't use Facebook so they're out for this old timer.

It'd be ideal if everybody signed up for VFT22 both from those on here as it's a long standing group and from other clubs.

I'd like to see this site "improved"- but others might not see my improvments worthy of changes.

The VFT22 looks more modern and "whizzy" and I like the fact it's a secure venue - my security software really doesn't like Sportnetwork one little bit.

So I've voted for the move.

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Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: daktari (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 16:31

I initially voted to improve the current mesage board , but that now seems improbable , so I would be happy to move to a more modern wizzy platform and it would be ideal if all our rival teams were to do likewise. I very rarely visit other teams Sportsnetwork sites but like the option to be able to do so. The offy is a no go for me as is the majority of Facebook sites as Ian C commented its all about happy clappy self flagellation , anyone who dares to critically comment on those sites will be branded a heretic , this is the only social network platform place I have found where reasoned and knowledgeable debate and discussion takes place regarding Tigers and would hope it can remain.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: IanC (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 17:12

I agree with Daktari and have accordingly changed my initial vote.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: odd-shaped vagaries (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 17:41

I'm happy as we are, but if others have problems I've no difficulty with changing hosts provided old duffers such as I can still operate it

The referee is the final arbitrary
.. dementiaaahll!

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: TeflonTed (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 19:12

Wuss in peace.

I enjoy the easy navigation between clubs on this network, and regularly read most of the others...and Shedweb.

Our board is very active, and we enjoy reasonably robust and well informed comment, seems like that on Tigersí board as well.

Our fbk page is not worth reading...ill-informed rants by folk who generally havenít got a clue what theyíre talking about. Our previous owners closed the offie forum.

Weíve been on other platforms in the past, this one seems to work well enough, I use the mobile version on iPad which doesnít suffer from the sidebar ads that are such a nuisance on the phone.

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: GT1 (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 19:57

Happy to stay & improve or try a new site but which ever can we please try & find a way to have new posts only as an option as on the offy!!

Re: Poll: Future of this site
Posted by: FenTiger (IP Logged)
Date: 12 July, 2019 19:59

I enjoy reading the different and generally well informed comments and opinions by posters on this site, however I do not post myself, (well maybe only once or twice in the last few years).

It would be interesting though to know how many do post in total recently as it does seem far less than just 3 or 4 years ago.

Regarding the future of the site, I would prefer it to work on a mobile device without a blasted privacy box appearing before each page will load!

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