London Calling!
Posted by: South Wales RL (IP Logged)
Date: 06 April, 2018 12:16

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Re: London Calling!
Posted by: Rogero (IP Logged)
Date: 06 April, 2018 12:17

A win would be superb!!

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: Rogero (IP Logged)
Date: 07 April, 2018 20:36

Oh heck...

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: cast-Iron13 (IP Logged)
Date: 08 April, 2018 10:49

Players arrived at 2.45pm,before which time the very experienced Neil Thorman,had been practising his kicking on the 3g/4g pitch,long before his teammates joined him.

Kick off only delayed until 3.10pm not allowing anything other than a stretching warm-up so no tackle bag work or anything else.

We gave a masterclass from our pre-season warm weather training in Japan,when our defensive work went to completely folding as we unveiled the origami defensive technique(s) - without any shape!

Not helped,of course,by a red card,giving a further disadvantage,followed by a yellow card.

We had started with another half back pairing when Mr Utility Shaun Tennant was partnering Fraser Stroud and captain prop Morgan Evans was in the centres.

It's a baby club with just a few teething problems.

Bad day - Black Rock.Followed by a rail journey from hell following signalling problems and a train breaking down,apparently.About a 4 hours delay - I'll work it all out when I wake up.

Whitehaven next.17 players will be good...

In many years time,when West Wales Raiders are world champions,
I hope people will thank the owner,board,coaches and players for going through a little bit of a testing time without losing their spirit and ensuring a legacy is left for future generations.

Dunno whether I suddenly have faith in human nature of the future or I'm still a little stir crazy from being enclosed in a rail carriage for so long...

Whitehaven here we come....

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: jd1664. (IP Logged)
Date: 08 April, 2018 14:56

Whenever you are feeling down or depressed about something you only have to read cast-irons assessment of the club and suddenly life is rosy again. CI, I admire your boundless optimism but Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, the raiders were an amateur outfit and still seem to be so, they should not have been granted the Ironmen/Scorpions seat at the table (not that those organisations were shining examples of professionalism) and RL in South Wales is in danger of being a laughing stock.

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: Rogero (IP Logged)
Date: 08 April, 2018 16:07

I cannot believe another hammering. We have played four games and conceded 286 points scoring 26.

Yet another season like the previous ones already...

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: Penybont Crusader (IP Logged)
Date: 09 April, 2018 09:45

From watching the Derby at Stebonheath, the spine of the team remains IMHO an area where there needs to be more depth.

Could the clubs links with Swansea Uni be used to offer part or maybe full paid tuition fees for experienced but young rl players ?

The cru fans I spoke to where adamant that although they see themselves as a 'welsh'club they saw no point in Getting hammered each week by only playing local players.

When the original CC club was started it was experienced players with developing youngsters brought in at appropriate times.

We have good coaches in Jon and Phil, good young players, but we still lack experience right now.

Perhaps the budget doesn't stretch to this in which case the season looks to be a tough one...

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: Rogero (IP Logged)
Date: 09 April, 2018 14:34

Wise and sensible words as always from Penybont Crusader, if the club have another season as the whipping boys of Championship League One what little enthusiasm is left amongst the fans will have evaporated.

I'm not sure giving free admission to Scarlet season ticket holders does much either, it is like me paying to watch Newport County whilst a Swansea City Season Ticket holder gets into Rodney Parade for free.

Just my opinion.

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: jd1664. (IP Logged)
Date: 09 April, 2018 17:33

I suppose where I am coming from is the pent up frustration of 10+ wasted years.

My first Crusaders home game was against the Skolars in the old third tier - I think it was actually the pre-season cup whatever it was called then - and CC put a cricket score on them. The Skolars were the "whipping boys" then and CC seemed to be genuinely a force for change.

Wind forward four years or so even the first season at the Gnoll I recall the Scorpions got a decent win against them. Since then it's been pretty much downhill all the way!

One can argue about the total lack of support for the Super League side - I for one was always slightly ashamed of being outshouted by the away fans in most of the games - but at least the club seemed to know what it wanted then. I do not know where these last few years of "trundling along in the basement" are intended to be headed and if you cannot finance a decent thrust for the top half of the table why are you doing it in the first place? Someone - I think I know who - will come back at me and tell me how much the current owners love RL and how they are doing it for the sake of the game and maybe that's true, though I have to say we seem to have heard similar lines about each previous ownership.

I would not be surprised if there was another attempt to ring fence the top tier (or two two tiers) in the near future in the manner of the ill fated franchise scheme. The RFL have got Toronto, Toulouse, Broncos where they want them with perhaps Leigh and Fev there or thereabouts so I guess my underlying question is what is the plan?

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: cast-Iron13 (IP Logged)
Date: 09 April, 2018 17:46

With regard to the budget - What would be the point of even attempting to spend what Hunslet have available?

Steve Parkin - Clipper.

Other clubs have dual reg players from Super League clubs.

The plan is to develop players from west and south Wales.

On attendances - London Skolars had less than 200 on Saturday

that is despite the owner Mr McNeill being a leading light in the city with regard to Hedge Funds,and the club being in existence for over 20 years,and their opportunities for players from a far larger population and their dual reg/loan opportunities with Broncos.

The case for laying down strong roots is undeniable and patience will be required.Previous incarnations are not worth considering because the situations,and aspirations,are not comparable.

McDermott,the Leeds rhinos coach,one of the most successful coaches,allowed the USA to get battered at the World Cup and played as many players as possible.He thought that would benefit them.
McDermott Content With Beatings

I did have a horrible Saturday.I thought I may do after such a lovely morning.

Dum Spiro Spero.

Let's get as many to Stebonheath Park in June as we can.

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: jd1664. (IP Logged)
Date: 09 April, 2018 18:00

With the greatest of respect Cast-iron I would suggest that the stated aim has been to develop players from South Wales for most of the last 8 years - ie since the Super League fallout - and the club(s) seem no closer to achieving that.

Regarding budget, surely the point is to be competitive, and in this I count not getting thumped each week as opposed to challenging for promotion. Yes the Crusaders showed what happens when you spend beyond your means but they at least "dared to dream" and that seems to be in short supply at the moment.

I think it is Rogero that emphasises the importance of the W and he is right. If you are a kid in West Wales this winter who do you want to emulate, the Semi-finalists in the (RU) Champions League or the team that just got thumped in front of 200 fans?

Roots are good but I suspect patience is not endless from the fans - or the RL if they start to streamline the divisions as I predicted.

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Re: London Calling!
Posted by: 40:20 (IP Logged)
Date: 10 April, 2018 08:04

Genuinely good and thought provoking stuff on the thread, which is far more valuable and insightive than a facebook message saying "never mind it will come" or other such platitudes.

This site (thanks Rogero) details every single result and attendance since the South Wales club started. Attendances have tumbled and results have got worse and worse. For heavens sake we reached the playoffs in our first season - although for those of us at Rochdale that evening perhaps we had wished we hadn't!

We won a match at Stebonheath last season against the now defunct Gloucester All Golds and things in the second half of the season began to look a lot brighter. We signed lots of players and some old favourites returned however we are now in a position no fan could relish, we are not just losing we are simply practice for how many the others will score.

The spine of the team needs to be strong otherwise the rest falls apart.

Before I get the call of NEGATIVE or DOOM MERCHANT please note that these are the bare facts and in professional sport all that matters is results.

I wish the club nothing but good luck and more than anything hope for an upturn in fortunes.

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: jd1664. (IP Logged)
Date: 10 April, 2018 08:30

......... in professional sport all that matters is results.

Don't tell Mr Wenger!

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: 40:20 (IP Logged)
Date: 10 April, 2018 09:51

LOL !! Fair point, but even the gunners are winning more than they lose.

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: Penybont Crusader (IP Logged)
Date: 10 April, 2018 10:42

Spending beyond your means isn't the answer I agree.

However, I'm guessing that others on here like myself, saw the new venture as having a little more finance than the previous three seasons and therefore an opportunity to strengthen the playing staff.

That has been done to an extent - the return of Steve Parry the most obvious example - for the most part however the squad still lacks size and guile - certainly from what I saw on Derby day.

Cast Iron , the point about McDermott you made could also be said to not be comparable. He wasn't working with a side week in week out and can effectively walk away at the end of the World Cup. US RL fans also seem now to be getting their own clubs in the near future at this level with greater funding and markets to appeal to......

The situation for S/W Wales RL supporters is that we are continuing to contend with year on year extremely fallow seasons - not the fault of the current owners granted for previous seasons - but its hard to keep swallowing the patience is needed mantra especially when the on field performances don't appear to be getting better.

Heres to a win in the very near future.

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: cast-Iron13 (IP Logged)
Date: 10 April, 2018 12:55

Strengthening the playing staff has to be thought through.

Workington,with signing FFMM,have added to the players who are 30+

and former Super League players.Should they gain promotion then they will have to purchase a lot more players to continue in The Championship or they will come straight back down.

Some clubs rely on dual reg.

London Skolars/Newcastle Thunder/Hemel - the latest of the new kids on the block,have taken very heavy defeats in their formative years.

Slow and steady progress would be nice - as would a settled squad and the best players available for the games.

There has been a number of things going wrong,outside of the players control,so hopefully,when things settle down,the some continuity can be found and performances improve.

Salford had a big backer but things didn't improve,greatly,on and off the pitch.Despite signing some 'names'

It's great to see the postings on here and the care and concern for the sport and the West Wales Raiders club.

I hope the home games in June are well attended and the players

are in a settled side and in top form.

The home game on Saturday 19th May v Oldham will be a difficult test.

It is interesting to see how former coaches,and players,from past rugby league clubs in south Wales have gone on to greater things despite the clubs themselves not enjoying too much success.

There is a need and a pathway.( Also a club for them to come back to,perhaps)

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: jd1664. (IP Logged)
Date: 10 April, 2018 14:12

Cast iron, I would suggest that having to sign new players AFTER promotion is a really nice problem to have!

I am no expert but my understanding of RL signings, at least at this level, is they are not long term, unlike SL or soccer, so players can be moved on. Witness, Steve Parry flitting in and out as finances allowed.

As I said earlier in this thread, I admire your optimism, but the reality is we have not made progress, year after year at rockbottom and I would further suggest our hammerings the last few years far outweigh the likes of Hemel, Skolars and Gateshead. Iím writing this away from a great (google) signal so await being corrected by the local stato.

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Re: London Calling!
Posted by: Penybont Crusader (IP Logged)
Date: 10 April, 2018 15:22

Hemel haven't really struggled until the last year or so. Skolars have had a few big scores but never a regular feature. Gateshead have been up and down on that score. The difference is that they have been generally competetive.

What this all points to is that it's likely we don't have the finance for players or that we are struggling to attract players outside of the area. Maybe a combination of both.

Undoubtedly that will impact on attracting new supporters to the game in the local Llanelli area. 😞

Re: London Calling!
Posted by: jd1664. (IP Logged)
Date: 11 April, 2018 11:58

..... it is like me paying to watch Newport County whilst a Swansea City Season Ticket holder gets into Rodney Parade for free.

Or like charging me 50 squid to renew with BT when the radio advertising keeps yelling about much cheaper rates for new customers. It's always the existing customers (fans) that are "bilked".

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