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Zach Kibirige
Posted by: There's 35 seconds to go (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:05

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: GeordieFalcon (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:08

Confirmed to Wasps.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: GeordieFalcon (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:12

You cant blame Zach and in truth i very much blame the selection team for this one.

He had his injury and court case and then was back fit and firing...and only got a bit of gametime here and there despite scoring tries.

Did Dean not have faith in him?

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: aidanb (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:31

I think he will get even more spelks at Wasps than he did here


The above sounded harsh - a lot more harsh than I wanted

I think he is a good player and didn't get as much chance here as he maybe would have liked but I just don't see that as a move to improve his game time.

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Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: TIGHT HEED (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:45

Another to turn his back on us in time of need after we supported him in his

I honestly cannot understand why he is not proving himself in the championship and coming back as a first choice starter after a year of showing his worth

The bench at wasps seems a strange option to me

Good luck if thats his decision


Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: Marco19819 (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:53

Dear me.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: onceastag (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:53

Did Smithy say this announcement was the last of the relegation clause contracted players? If so, that should mean Johnny Williams is staying which helps soften the blow.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: Rogerandout (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 11:56

Disappointing but understandable from his perspective. Good in attack and perhaps not as good in defence. I think injuries have perhaps prevented him from making the breakthrough earlier. I remain confident that if we retain the top class forwards that we have our backs will be good enough.
Mullipola, Ah You, McGuigan/Cooper is a great front row.
The changes in the second row leave me unable to have an opinion.
The backrow is unchanged and I would like the arrival of a big beast but that will perhaps have to wait a year.
I rate Takulua, we have many centres, some inexperienced. With Kibirige gone and Goneva almost certainly going we may need one, but perhaps that should be from the A Team.
Letís get behind the players we have hopefully make a statement this year and use this as a springboard to happier times.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: digitalsys (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 12:03

He may not end up on the bench at Wasps - many of the pundits have been impressed with his playing, and I am sure he will prove himself at Wasps.

This one falls sadly on the shoulders of the DoR from what I can see (albeit limited) and I am surprised that we have not lost more of the up and coming players - we are very lucky to be keeping Radwan (if he stays and I am sure he will - or at least hope so).

When your senior players are not delivering the goods, you have to give the younger players a change to prove themselves, especially when facing relegation. It has looked as though we have had no Plan B far too many times, and I have watched games where players just did not turn up for the match, mentally. Once I can understand, but it happened too many times and basic errors that we would be all of the teams at junior level. Falling off tackles, being in the wrong place, and I can go on for some time.

We are watching these players leave now, and the fact that we didn't tie them down for non-release contracts, or when it was going badly wrong, do something about it, is a responsibility of those at the top. the worst part for me, is that I have yet to hear someone stick their hand up and say that they did not do their job as well as was expected or required, and that they would do much better.

Sick of hearing the same old platitudes and excuses about why it is not the DoR's responsibility and that the team made mistakes - it was his team, so that's where the buck stops. You could argue that Mr K is where the buck stops, as he is head of the food chain at the club, and that is also correct. Maybe he should have acted a long time ago to ensure the correct management and coaching teams were in place to do the job required.

There may be reasons why we have not made more of an effort to stay up, but I for one am not privy to them - if there are valid reasons, then I am happy to stand corrected and may change my views and opinions on this one.

Time for a total shake up of the management structure, and for me that goes all the way to the top of the coaching/DoR setup.

I said I would not comment until this news was confirmed one way or another

It is the club that have let Zach down and not the other way around

In any other industry, heads would have rolled by now and people would be moving on at a much senior level - maybe we are desperate

Before anyone jumps to defend those mentioned - this is a public forum where we are entitled to our opinions and views - the above are mine

Rant over.......

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: Falconsfan93 (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 12:14

People may not agree, but personally I think Deano needs to go. In my opinion I feel he has held a lot of young talented players back and that is the reason why they are seeking a new club! Apart from the season we finished fourth have we actually kicked on? We still play the same mind numbing back and fourth across the pitch game plan and if that doesnít work we boot the hell out of the ball and hope for the best! This season would of been a perfect time for a complete overhaul.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: onceastag (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 12:26

Last season was problematic from a selection point of view. Pick Goneva and Sinoti, two of the best wingers in the Northern Hemisphere and lose, the pundits recommend putting the youngsters in.
Play the youngsters and lose, the pundits would be up in arms about ignoring the incredible strength of Goneva and Sinoti.
What we created, or more accurately didn't create for our wingers last season is at the heart of the matter. We'll never know whether Radwan and Kibirige would have fared better than the two favoured starters. From my viewpoint on the North Terrace, I doubt if they would have been more prolific.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: matt1il (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 12:33

A bench warmer at a club where his main rival will be Watson?

This one doesn't surprise me in the least, we were all calling for him to play last year and he rarely did, maybe he thought the same thing?

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: DB23 (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 12:33

This is Richardsí fault and no one elseís. He took the club down and the players are leaving. Why wouldnít they?

They either werenít played by Richards or have no faith in him taking the club forward.

They also have opportunities in the Premiership with clubs who have played better than us, obviously, and may see better prospects to play internationally.

Good luck to Zach and all of the players leaving.

My disappointment is that Richards will be there next season.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: Osric (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 13:27

Dai Youngís comments suggest he sees more in him than Dean did. Time will tell.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: falcons_fan (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 13:31

Another classic case of use them or lose them. Nice one Deano. Hope he goes to Wasps, sets the premiership on fire scoring lots of tries, gets in the England set up and doesnt look back. We have just lost a superstar in the making.

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Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: digitalsys (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 13:40

Totally agree

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: ed.up.north (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 13:41

This is a real shame. I had hoped Zach would become the core of a re-emerging Falcons team next season. To be honest Iím surprised that someone with his experience even had a relegation clause so fair play to his agent for getting it in his contract. However I donít understand the people cussing him for leaving. Itís his job, not a divine calling. This is exactly the same as someone moving from Woolworths to Waitrose or from Maplin to B&Q.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: GeordieFalcon (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 13:58

The thing is Dean HAS brought lots of players through. Harris, Chick, Robinson, Witty, mcGuigan, Hammersley etc etc etc.

But it just seems that at times some players just dont get his trust...and its very puzzling. Zach seems to have been one of Adam Radwan has also.
Not sure what he is looking for.

Also...yes we have Goneva and Sinoti...but a good coach will manage players properly. Get the right amount of gametime against the right oppositon etc.

Im not convinced that happened this season.

It has to happen next season.

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Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: steve1888 (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 14:26

Sinoti was poor last season and getting on for a singer but still was picked ahead of Zach and Radwan who were playing well everytime given a chance.

Re: Zach Kibirige
Posted by: Pool_falcon (IP Logged)
Date: 11 June, 2019 14:29

More annoyed with the player than the club in this instance.

We've stood by the lad after numerous injuries and a court case. I would imagine he would bags of game time in the Championship and would ultimately improved as a player. Did he not think this was a big chance and he owed the club somewhat? Obviously not.

I think he's a real talent, but he was behind Sinoti and Goneva...two amazing wingers.

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