Wooden Spoon Society

By apb
September 13 2005

The Wooden Spoon Society

Perhaps the most famous of rugby-related charities, the Wooden Spoon Society was born in Dublin on March 19th 1983 when Englandís Five Nations season ended in disaster with defeat by Ireland leaving them languishing at the bottom of the table.

A group of English supporters were presented with a Wooden Spoon by their Irish compatriots to mark this historic occasion. On returning home the proposal to play golf for the spoon attracted the interest of fellow English supporters. 127 people attended that golf day at Farnham and by the end of the evening £8450 had been raised. The funds were cashed in for a minibus purchased for the Park Special Needs School in Aylesbury. And so the charity was born.

The aims of the charity - which has now become a national body with more than 9,000 subscribing members - remain the same; to support and help children and young people disadvantaged in their lives.

For more information, go to www.woodenspoon.com

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