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By Claire & Kath
December 5 2004

Unofficial England Rugby Site powered by the group - has been given the 'thumbs up' from Sir Clive Woodward! Check it out here

Unofficial England Rugby Site


Well Done from Sir Clive Woodward!

Photo copyright of Tiger_ress

Claire our Assistant Editor, had the good fortune of meeting Sir Clive Woodward last month at a book signing.  Claire told him of our site, of our posters and all the wonderful contributions our regulars have made to the site.  Claire gave Sir Clive our business card and asked him if he had time to take a look at the site and...............  

Guess what folks - He Did!  The following is an extract from the email he has sent through to Claire, security does not permit the disclosure of the whole email.

Claire and I are very proud to advise that Sir Clive Woodward has viewed our site and this is what he has had to say:-

" Just been into site , excellent - well done to you
> both , fantastic in
> every way , best wishes and good luck , hope you
> enjoy the book , clive
> Clive Woodward"

Are we chuffed, you bet we are!

Big Thank You

 to all our Posters & Guests for making the site what it is!

We would also like to thank Dave, John & all staff for Powering the site for us all!


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