Plymouth 33 - 24 Coventry

Lost, but gutsy!
By Russ (Site Editor)
February 13 2017

The scoreline looks worse than the performance merits.

I didn't make it down to this one, but it sounds that for other than a fifteen-minute period we were going along quite well against a very respectable Plymouth side.

Don't take my word for it though, have a read of Tim's report on his excellent blog.  Anyone who takes the trouble to travel all of the way down there to watch us play surely deserves some respect!

That also lines up broadly with Mr Winter's assessment on the official site, and he's not one to sugar-coat poor performances.

So, onwards and upwards to Hull Ionians at home on Saturday.  No Six Nations to distract us, so let's hope for almost reasonable weather and another decent attendance at the BPA.

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